Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jumonville Chapel

I was commissioned to conduct some repairs at the United Methodist Camp's chapel in Hopwood, PA.  The work consisted of removinga number of broken painted pieces, re-creating them on new glass, and reinstalling them. I found the work very satisfying, due to the age of the original windows.

Victorian Mirror Panel

Here is a mirror surrounded by some Victorian motifs set against a background of pale blue Bullseye glass and set into a handmade, stained and varnished wood frame. It measures 17 " X 17 ".

Delnostro Butterfly Framed Autonomous Panel

This panel, approximately 11" X 16 " features sandblasted violet flashed glass and sandblasted orange-on-clear flashed glass, with handpainted and kiln-fired detail. It is an interpretation in glass of the front cover of Dr. David J. Delnostro's first published book, commissioned as a gift by his wife.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Elizabeth's Birth Announcement

Hand-painted and kiln-fired onesies and other laundry border the statistics, which are hand painted on a 3 inch square bevel.

Right half of the radius....

Here is the right half with bluebird and chickadees....

Half of the radius window....

This two-section window is the left half of a full radius with a clear textured border, standard double-strengh clear glass background, and dogwood branches with cardinals.  The idea was to let the exterior trees 'be' part of the effect.

Goobye to Henlsey's

This painted panel has a photo on acetate focal point. It was a farewell gift from Historic Trinity UMC to the Hensley family in May 2011.

Beta Dragon

The dragon motif is from the images most treasured by members of Beta Theta Pi.

For Georgia Fans.......

Sterling silver plated neckwire. Pendant can be removed and worn on a nylon cord, instead. "G" is applied with vitreous paint and fired for permanency.

Another pendant to accessorize with !

Dichroic, reds, and emeralds on a shimmery teal base.

Dicrhoic on yellow translucent with teal accents

This sweet pendant will brighten many an outfit!

Freeform half-moon pendant

This pendant in peach and teal with black accents is on a sterling silver plated neckwire.

Grecian Key on sterling sliver plated neckwire

Sage green on black with Dichroic accents

Chili Peppers Pendant

Here's one of many fused glass jewelry items. Red & green translucent on clear Bullseye base, with frit.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Fab Four

This photo is a little dark, but it's the only image I have of the Beatles that I painted for a gift to a lifetime friend and Beatles fan.......It, too, is based on an album cover. The border is acid-etched red flashed glass.


Here's another album cover inspired panel. This time, it's Willie Nelson.  An autonomous panel about 14 " X 17 ".

From the album cover......

This 10 " X 10 " panel is based on the American Beauty Album Cover of the Grateful Dead.  The center piece has been fired 6 times, each firing to make permanent the addition a new color or paint layer.

Historic Trinity UMC

Here is a 6" X 6" panel featuring a translucent photograph of Historic Trinity UMC in Savannah, GA, surrounded by painted / fired borders.  This size panel makes a perfect gift item. You choose the photo !

Glass Painting Sample

This 5" X 7" Nun illustrates my glass painting skill.  I can re-recreate any damaged piece in a painted window or paint any design, motif, or figure that the commission requires.

Diamond Quarry Dining Room Lancets

These three Dining Room windows were commissioned for a residence in Savannah Quarters. They are made with Lambert's Clear Full Antique Seedy glass for an exquisite ambience in the formal dining room. Interior reinforced-heart leads assure that the windows will never bulge or sag. Approximately
22 " X 60 ", these windows are the focal point of the room.
Here is a close-up of the painted / fired medallion created from a logo provided by the church.  Surrounding the painted portion are various textured clear and pale amber English Muffle and other translucent glass. The window, 38" X 60 " is installed in the exterior wall of the baptismal area behind the altar of the Church of God in Christ, Providence, KY.

Westminster Woods Chapel

This 5 ' X 5 ' window features some of the scenery on campus at the retirement village at Julington Creek in Jacksonville, FL. In addition, it includes various faith symbols and area 'creatures' as well as a heart-motif bottom section with feathers, seashells, and jewels to signifiy the love residents have for their surroundings and the love their family members have for them !

Friday, August 6, 2010

1905 Stairwell Window

This oversized window, for the landing of a two-tier stairwell in an historic home, measures 59 1/2 " X 72 ".  Since the window was missing when the owner bought the house, I was commissioned to re-create it from existing photographs.  The central scene is hand-painted and kiln-fired and then leaded into the architectural  design. The window consists of three panels which are 'stacked' one on another with meeting joints. Horizontal reinforcement bars and external brass fins will  keep this window in its vertical plane for many years. The glass is primarily Kokomo Opalescent Glass.

Graduation Announcement

This panel is an example of my keepsake line. The student's actual graduation announcement is sealed between two thin pieces of clear glass and then leaded into a panel made of school colors and the 'panther' mascot paw prints, which are painted and fired. The same can be done for wedding invitations or any special document.

White Egret

This guy is a detail from a 5 ft. X 5 ft. chapel window that I designed, fabricated, and installed for the Westminster Woods Retirement Village in Jacksonville, FL.

Baby Stats

Here's a unique gift for new parents. The birth info is hand-painted on a
3" x 3" bevel and then leaded into a mini-panel of textured glass with loops at the top for hanging.

Oriental birds

This 11 X 17 panel includes reeded, English Muffle, and antique glass in several colors, as well as faceted bevels that are 1" X 1". I painted the oriental birds standing beneath the blossoming tree.  The painted focal piece is painted on clear GNA glass and is fired for permanency. It is based on a silk original.  The colors are muted sage, mocha, and other 'neutral' tones.


Here's another mini-panel featuring a hand-painted, kiln-fired focal medallion; I enjoy feeling the serenity of the airborn insect while I am painting it.

Oriental Hut

I based this oriental scene on one  done in ink centuries ago, and I give the original artist credit in the lower left. Working to create a worthy rendering on glass of his ink work was humbling. Sorry about the camera angle; it's not a 'straight-on' shot.